Skills 4 Bill Game
Skills 4 Bill Game

Skills 4 Bills® is a highly engaging game that aims to provide young children with an insight into the consequences of poor financial choices and subsequent indebtedness. It is professionally designed and replicates life’s over spending temptations before helping children reflect on how their parents' and own future financial lives could pan out.

Skills 4 Bills® game can now be downloaded or purchased by businesses, schools and any other interested parties, directly from this website.

"I have learnt not to spend my money in bad ways on sweets and drink and chocolate and quad bikes"

About the game

Skills 4 Bills® gives students an awareness of the financial commitments and decisions they will face during their lives, making them aware of the consequences of debt. It is aimed at Year 6, Key Stage 2 (ages 10-11) students and is an experiential way of teaching them money skills.

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"This event taught me not to spend money like it grows on trees. It has also taught me to buy what I need. I will save for the rest of my life"
"I have learnt that spending money has a price when you have to pay for tax and food and I have also learnt that I have to save money"

Benefits of playing the game

After playing Skills 4 Bills, Key Stage 2 students will:

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CSA - The Credit Services Association (CSA) is the only national trade association in the UK for businesses specialising in debt recovery, tracing and related services.

The CSA is delighted to support and endorse Skills 4 Bills®.

"The key to any great initiative is simplicity – and Skills 4 Bills® is simple, yet highly effective. The school children we saw playing the game, very quickly understood what they had to achieve and made some very rational and also entertaining decisions. At the same time they drew sobering parallels to their own lives and instances that they were aware their parents had dealt with which they hadn’t previously put into context.

When a Trade Association considers endorsing an initiative like this it has to be straightforward enough for other member firms to adopt and deliver in their own region, with minimum resource from either the originator, the Trade Association, or a third party. Skills 4 Bills® materials are simple yet efficient - seeing the game run once is enough to understand how it needs to be delivered.

We look forward to seeing how this initiative progresses in the industry."

pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) is the UK’s leading organisation helping schools to plan and teach children and young people how to manage their money now and in the future.

It has awarded the Skills 4 Bills game with the pfeg Quality Mark, signifying to teachers that the resource has been assessed by independent experts to ensure educational quality, financial accuracy and impartiality in the subject of managing money and debt.

"I really enjoyed going to all the different tables and choosing my house, holiday and transport and many others."

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"Don’t spend over your budget and get a better job by getting good GCSEs"